Why Choose a Log House?

The ecological choice

In today’s maze of rapidly changing building regulations and new structural solutions, one type of construction continues to hold its own: the log house. Logs are a 100% natural construction material that grows in our local forests. With their superior properties, log houses have continued to gain popularity year after year, including in city suburbs. The log house offers excellent energy-efficiency and insulation, warm yet breathable structures – a truly ecological and sensible solution.

Energy Efficiency

Logs have the natural ability to store heat and release it into indoor air as needed. As a material, they utilise both sunlight and the own heating energy of the house by storing heat in the structures and releasing it back into indoor air. Your home is pleasantly warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer. The insulating capacity of logs is excellent. They are already an adequate heat insulator as such – even during the coldest winter spells.

Log houses are an integral part of the Finnish landscape and building tradition. Thanks to their unique properties, logs can be used to build comfortable, safe and healthy homes. This extremely energy-efficient material keeps housing costs under control. When built and maintained properly, log buildings last for centuries. Of all construction materials, logs require the least amount of energy to be manufactured. Therefore, emissions, waste loads and transport-related problems are minimised.

When you acquire a log house, you make a sustainable choice on many levels.

High Quality Indoor Air

Logs are a truly breathing construction material. Ventilation occurs naturally, and both moisture and the amount of carbon dioxide remain optimal. At the same time, wood also filters and cleans the air flow. During the winter, logs release moisture when indoor air dries up and bind excess moisture when air humidity increases. As a result, air humidity is 25–45 per cent, all structures stand the test of time and indoor air problems are conspicuous by their absence.

Laminated Logs

Laminated logs offer a natural look, resistance against cracking and warping as well as precise dimensions. The result of many years of product development, the laminated log is manufactured from high-quality pine material optimised for engineering. “Heartwood protects you against weather”.