Structural Solutions

Sense and sensibility come together at Rantasalmi

The LamecoLog laminated log and Ekorex thermal log create an excellent structure for a solid home that combines sensible solutions with homeliness and warmth. Find out more about the unique characteristics that only natural materials can offer.

The Lamecolog Laminated Log

1. A LamecoLog home is warm
Combined with the excellent thermal insulation properties of pine, the warp-resistant and precision-engineered structure of laminated log guarantees that each LamecoLog home is ecological and energy-efficient.

2. A LamecoLog home is 100% plastic-free
As a natural material, timber regulates the humidity fluctuations of indoor air. With its webbed surface, even the glue seam contributes to the superior quality of the laminated log to create a proven, breathable and safe allergy-friendly choice.

3. A LamecoLog home is precision-engineered
The production process starts with the slicing of dried, sorted and inspected timber into lamellas – or layers of timber. The lamellas are re-inspected and graded before they are glued together using a high frequency press and planed into shape. The accurate dimensions of LamecoLog laminated logs are the result of a rigorously controlled modern production process and glued wood manufactured only from the best grade of timber.

4. A LamecoLog wall will not crack
The outer surface of a LamecoLog home is always made from the core surface of carefully selected Finnish timber. It copes with summer heat and icy winter storms, year after year.

Ekorex Thermal Log

1. An Ekorex log home is warm
The wall structure of an Ekorex log home meets even the most stringent requirements on thermal insulation. The wood fibre insulation fills all gaps and attaches to the structures. The wall surfaces stay warm and draughts are eliminated. In addition, the structure also offers excellent soundproofing.

2. An Ekorex log home is 100% plastic-free
The wall structures of Ekorex log homes feature insulation paper instead of plastic. A structure that is made from 100% wood fibres functions like natural wood. It regulates humidity fluctuations in indoor air. Ekorex log homes offer comfortable living and breathability.

3. An Ekorex log home does not sink
The wall structures of Ekorex homes have a strong vertical frame that prevents sinking or settling, a common characteristic of traditional log construction. The structure facilitates versatile and unique designs in log house construction.

4. An Ekorex log home offers possibilities
The Ekorex structure can be combined with a range of different materials, such as brick, glass and stone. As settling allowance is not needed, the upper and lower sections of the log home can include staggered designs. Windows and doors are fixed tightly and securely straight onto the frame of the building.

5. A choice of interior materials
The interior wall surfaces of an Ekorex log home can be decorated with different materials, including wallpaper, tiles or paint. You can leave as much wood exposed as you prefer.

6. Genuine log surface on external walls
The outer surface of an Ekorex log home is always made from the core surface of carefully selected Finnish timber. It copes with summer heat and icy winter storms, year after year.