Heartwood for healthy indoor air

Constructed using real logs and wood fibre insulation, the Ekorex wall structure combines the natural qualities of log with excellent construction properties. Carefully selected heartwood timbers make Ekorex an excellent construction material that holds its integrity decade after decade. The vertical frame facilitates a range of different construction solutions that will last without sinking for decades to come. An Ekorex house holds is value and style from generation to generation.

The wall structure functions like natural wood and features insulation paper instead of plastic. Heat loss is minimised, as the finely graded wood fibre insulation fills all gaps and adheres to the structure.

The Ekorex insulation material is fire-safe and offers excellent soundproofing. The structure is 80% recycled wood fibre; the remaining 20% is made from non-volatile boron minerals to preserve the wood. Another safety benefit is their fire-retardant quality. The Ekorex wall structure has a fire resistance rating of 75 minutes, which comfortably meets the requirements of the Finnish Building Code.

More Choice

The wall structures of the Ekorex log home offer superior air-tightness. Designed for the most demanding conditions, Ekorex meets even the most stringent thermal insulation requirements. Ekorex offers possibilities and choice both in external and internal surfaces. Log is compatible with a range of different materials, from brick to stone and glass.